ChineseAlpha Partners

Our partners are highly respected in the finance industry worldwide.
Our partnerships are closely cultivated and we thoroughly check all partnerships. Our partners have had positive experiences with ChineseAlpha and believe in the same vision as we do.
We aim to connect foreign investors with the Chinese stock market by providing in-depth stock analyses with the help of our partners.

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XNode (εˆ›ζžζ— ι™)

XNode (εˆ›ζžζ— ι™) is a Chinese Startup & Corporate Accelerator, which raised 160M+ USD for 43 cross-border startups worldwide. XNode’s mission is to generate deal flow and help startups when entering the Chinese market.


CIMK is an international FinTech startup based in China that uses technology to narrow the information gap between Chinese public companies and the global investment community. CIMK’s goal is to provide an international investor with the same level of information and data as a Chinese-speaking investment professional.

Shanghai Zhangjiang Group

Zhangjiang Group is a Chinese technology park in the Pudong district of Shanghai.
The park specializes in research in life sciences, software, semiconductors, and information technology. As of now, Zhangjiang Group gathers over 24,000 companies, 150 national and municipal R&D institutes, 58 regional headquarters of MNCs, and 20 universities and research institutes, attracting over 400,000 talents working there.

Parandum Holdings

Parandum Holdings is a multinational holding company. The company wholly owns and operates a synergetic portfolio of community and tech ventures across Asia and Europe.

German Innovators in China

The German Innovators in China is a Germany and China-based platform that is intended to build bridges between Entrepreneurs and Innovators from German-speaking countries and the innovation landscape in China.

Jack Kouzi

Jack is a fund manager at an Australian boutique Wealth Management firm.
He has over 10 years of experience in investing in global markets.