ChineseAlpha Partners

Our partners are highly respected in the finance industry worldwide.
Our partnerships are closely cultivated and we thoroughly check all partnerships. Our partners have had positive experiences with ChineseAlpha and believe in the same vision as we do.
We aim to connect foreign investors with the Chinese stock market by providing in-depth stock analyses with the help of our partners.

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XNode (创极无限)

XNode (创极无限) is a Chinese Startup & Corporate Accelerator, which raised 160M+ USD for 43 cross-border startups worldwide. XNode’s mission is to generate deal flow and help startups when entering the Chinese market.


Datayes provides leading-edge alternative data on Chinese equities, best-in-class AI Revenue Forecasts and Chinese Language Sentiment Analysis. They help investors generate long term alpha with advanced AI forecast, and generate profit in short term volatility via sentiment analysis.


EqualOcean is an information service provider and investment research company that focuses on China's business landscape and thriving eco-system. Founded in February 2014 and headquartered in Beijing, with a client network covering over 50 countries, the firm provides comprehensive professional services, including industry research, investment analysis, innovation consulting, data products, corporate branding and international strategy.


Established in 2019, CnTechPost is a website that focuses on China technology and public company coverage.


CnEVPost is a website that focuses on electric vehicle news in China.


CIMK is an international FinTech startup based in China that uses technology to narrow the information gap between Chinese public companies and the global investment community. CIMK’s goal is to provide an international investor with the same level of information and data as a Chinese-speaking investment professional.

Shanghai Zhangjiang Group

Zhangjiang Group is a Chinese technology park in the Pudong district of Shanghai.
The park specializes in research in life sciences, software, semiconductors, and information technology. As of now, Zhangjiang Group gathers over 24,000 companies, 150 national and municipal R&D institutes, 58 regional headquarters of MNCs, and 20 universities and research institutes, attracting over 400,000 talents working there.

Parandum Holdings

Parandum Holdings is a multinational holding company. The company wholly owns and operates a synergetic portfolio of community and tech ventures across Asia and Europe.

German Innovators in China

The German Innovators in China is a Germany and China-based platform that is intended to build bridges between Entrepreneurs and Innovators from German-speaking countries and the innovation landscape in China.

All M&A

All M&A is a mergers and acquisitions online newspaper. Its goal is to go beyond providing its readers with a simple update on what is happening in the world of M&A; it wants to offer them in-depth analysis and thoughtful opinions on each covered deal.

Bavarian Value

On Bavarian Value Andreas Kuhn and Daniel Bleicher show you the Bavarian Way of Value Investing. The focus of the two Bavarian value investors is on detailed and high-quality business analyses.

Financial Pills

Financial Pills is an international student association in which members from a wide range of target universities around the world collaborate to publish financial articles from the student's perspective. We are committed to the development and procurement of our elite student network.

Jack Kouzi

Jack is a fund manager at an Australian boutique Wealth Management firm.
He has over 10 years of experience in investing in global markets.

Our academic Partners

Imperial College London

Investment Society • Imperial College Investment Society (ICIS) aims to educate members on investment techniques necessary for a finance career. We host interactive weekly investment meetings and we also have offer SEC courses to members which will equip them with deep knowledge in the financial market.

King's College London

Economics and Finance Society • The King's Economics & Finance Society is King's College London's largest finance-related society. Our aim is to equip students with the tools, assistance, and experience necessary to broaden their career perspectives and academic exposure. We succeed in our mission by offering a diverse range of speakers, networking events, and professionally led workshops.

Carniege Mellon University

Stock Talks • Stock Talks is a discussion platform for the conversation and analysis of the stock market. The goal of Stock Talks is to open discussion of the stock market to the community. We will host meetings for students to discuss stocks and the stock market, as well as have guest speakers on occasions.

University of California - San Diego

The Investors Club • This club will focus on investing with an emphasis on stocks. We will however explore and discuss other investments if we find them to be good endeavors. Our main mission is to give everyone the opportunity to learn and discuss investing in an environment that is fun and vibrant.

University of Manchester

The Manchester Business Society • The Manchester Business Society is the fastest-growing business and finance society in Manchester. Our aim is to educate, to enrich, and to connect passionate students, giving them the foundations to succeed. We continue to equip students with the necessary skills and professional connections, by offering a range of networking opportunities, workshops, and memorable events.

University of Essex

Trading and Investment Society • Trading and Investment at Essex Society aims to equip members of all backgrounds with knowledge and experience of the financial markets through collective learning and practice trading accounts. We conduct presentations on core concepts, techniques, skills and tools applied to make investment decisions, as well as trading workshops to give everyone the opportunity to give the world of finance a try.

University of Maryland

CP Student Investment Group • CP Student Investment Group is a way for aspiring student investors to convene and share strategies, news, company gains and loses, and how to analyze financial data with the intent of educating members on how to invest. The group is focused on discussion about the investing world and individual research that can be shared among the group so that all members can learn more.

Loughborough University

Loughborough Finance and Investment Society • Our mission is to provide our members with a platform to develop the relevant skills required for a successful career in the financial world and impart them with a unique insight into the different aspects of financial and professional services. The society aims to provide our members with the opportunity to network with firms within the financial industry, as well as with other students and alumni interested in advancing their careers within the financial sector.

University of St Andrews

Investment Society • Founded in 2012, The University of St Andrews Investment Society is the largest student-run investment fund on campus with 250+ members. Our diverse membership is representative of St Andrews' global and multidisciplinary student-body, attracting students with a keen interest in finance, investing, or business.

Brigham Young University

PEMA • The Brigham Young University Private Equity & Markets Association (PEMA) exists to help students interested in private equity, venture capital, or public markets land their dream jobs and expand their networks. PEMA helps students determine which area of investing they would like to pursue and connects them with internships, jobs, and mentors in the industry. The Association also works to ensure that students are technically prepared for the rigors of recruiting.

Seattle University

Albers Investment Club • The Albers Investment Club (AIC) is a student-run organization, which works to apply concepts and strategy to the changing stock market while actively managing a portfolio currently worth over $50,000 USD provided by DA Davidson.

University of Essex

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Society • Our society exists to educate, demystify and discuss Blockchain technology and its potential application in different industries.

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