Our Mission

Demystifying listed Chinese companies by providing in-depth, quality research with the purpose of allowing global investors to make accurate and informed investment decisions.

We want to break down the walls for investors wanting to participate in the growing Chinese economy, and enable the free movement of capital by equipping individual investors with all the tools they need to make the best investment decisions.

Our goal is to become to ultimate reference for research and coverage of Chinese equity markets and in doing so, creating a community of global investors with shared interest in the high-pace, always-evolving Chinese business ecosystem. 



Our Approach

Our team members, located across different continents, share the view that there is a critical need for research in Chinese & Hong Kong Equity markets. With the rise of robotic and index trading there is a general lack of fundamental research being done to allow private individuals to gain knowledge on these markets. While equity coverage is quite extensive for America and Europe, we believe this is less the case for Asian markets as a whole. 

We focus on Chinese equity as these are easily accessible to global traders, often through ADR’s, with indexes constituted by large caps which provides the associates benefits of having quarterly and annual reports available, as well as sufficient liquidity for trading. 

Our research is conducted by young professionals from Europe with backgrounds in finance and/or international business management. This allows our reports to remain objective and focused on financials, rather than driven by trends. Our research is subject to intensive review from our quality team, who are living and affiliated with commerce in China. 

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